A date selection ensures the success of an event/decision based on how well your and everyone else’s BaZi Destiny Charts coincide with the energy of the date and time at which you plan to do that event. The best dates are decided based on how successfully compatible all the charts are with each other on a particular date and time.

There are many types of date selection: weddings, contract signings, product launches, medical surgeries, building renovations, and much more.


Every parent wants to ensure a fortunate life for their child. A good BaZi Destiny for the child brings great fortune not only to himself or herself but also for the whole family.

Medical Process/
Surgery Date

It is important to select a good date for your surgery that coincides with a ‘successful’ day in your BaZi Destiny Chart in order to assure a favorable outcome.

Negotiation Date

Business meetings with important clients need to be date selected to ensure success, satisfaction, and eventual profitability as a result of that negotiation.

travel date

Ensure your safety and convenience during your business travels by selecting a good date for them.

Launch Date

It is important to consider the timing at which you choose to launch a new product. There may be either gains or detriments to its popularity and success depending on the energy of the date and time at which you choose to start.


A good wedding date selection is a good remedy to minimize the in-compatibility of the couple of their BaZi and to ensure smooth flowing of the relationship.

House/Office Start
of Construction/
Renovation Date

It is recommended that you choose a good date and time to start any renovation work in order to allow good luck to support it throughout the construction period and to avoid unfavorable energies from hindering it.

Signing Date

Selecting the best office unit in a building based on its position relative to the main entrance, the office main door, the meeting table, the manager’s chair, and many more factors are part of the crucial first few steps to the successful planning of a productive office.

timing is everything
align your life.